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GitHub repositories that I've built.

Code that'll help you kickstart a personal website that showcases your work as a software developer.
HTML 1 1
Modul 226b | Java
Java 0 0
Spigot Plugin Template
Java 0 0
Head decoration plugin for bukkit & spigot
Java 0 1
Spigot Game Template
Java 0 0
Spigot Helper Library | Game
Java 0 0
Java Helper Library | Database
Java 0 0
Beautify your Jenkins with the Material Design theme!
Repo to Backup my Personal Playbooks for Server Administration
Modul 150 | PHP
Modul 120 | Java
Java 0 0
Modul 335 | JavaScript
JavaScript 1 1
Distributed P2P Data-driven Workflow Framework
Play with fluids in your browser (works even on mobile)
Ghidra is a software reverse engineering (SRE) framework
Hello | D
GitHub Template Files
Hello | COBOL
Modul 151 | PHP
Modul 133 | PHP
A basic implementation of the Minecraft protocol
Java 0 0
Simple Maintenance Server for Minecraft
Java 0 0
One in the Chamber plugin for bukkit & spigot
Java 0 1
The best way to write secure and reliable applications. Write nothing; deploy nowhere.
🎮 Fully featured terminal version of the game "2048" written in C++
📨 An open letter to GitHub from the maintainers of open source projects
Tell Microsoft to drop ICE as a client or lose us as GitHub users
Modul 426 | PHP
FastHub the ultimate GitHub client for Android.
Modul 426 | PHP
Build a Simple URL Shortener
Java Game Snake
Java 0 0
Modul 411 - Java | Modul 226a - Java | Modul 226b - Java
Java 0 0
GitHub do not ban us from open source world :iran:
Modul 403 - C/C++ | Modul 404 - C++
This is a collection of #botnet source codes, unorganized. For EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY
An easy to use and portable Virtual Private Network (VPN) system built with Linux and a Raspberry Pi. #nsacyber
Python 0 0
Identifies unexpected and prohibited certificate authority certificates on Windows systems. #nsacyber
PowerShell 0 0
ÜK 101 | html / CSS
HTML 0 0
ÜK 307 | PHP
Digest, stat, and copy files from one location to another in the same read pass
PHP Bilder Galerie
A First Person Shooter at the command line? Yup...